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MED - EL SYNCHRONY кохлеарниот имплант е најмалиот,најтенкиот и најлесниот кохлеарен имплант

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The first Macedonian application for quick and simple hearing test! Available for all Android and iPhone users.


Phonak hearing aids bring you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs

Thanks to modern technology, an innovative spirit, the highest quality standards and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to continuously bring you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs. We believe we can do more, do better, for everyone with hearing loss, and we will not stop until wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses. After all, why should it be any different?



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    Since MED-EL’s founders developed one of the world’s first cochlear implants in 1975, a strong research tradition has continued to fuel the development of technologically advanced hearing solutions. MED-EL offers implantable solutions across the hearing loss spectrum, including cochlear and middle ear implants, combined electric-acoustic stimulation and brainstem implants.

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    Our ears are always constantly on, just like the sound around us. Cell phones ringing, people chatting, dogs barking, traffic rumbling, birds chirping — there’s so much going on, but which of these sounds can you identify? It’s important to take a moment and simply listen to the world around you.

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    Meet our youngest heroes

    Meet our youngest heroes, who thanks to the latest technology of Austrian manufacturer of cochlear implants  MED-EL, will be able to experience new challenges in life filled with sounds. With its proven quality, they are an every-day solution to fit your child's unique hearing needs. MED-EL hearing implants offer the best hearing performance for your child's active future.MED-EL's commitment to children with hearing loss extends well beyond implantation.


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