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SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant

3.0 Tesla MRI—Without Magnet Removal

SYNCHRONY the latest cochlear implant Austrian manufacturer MED-EL possessing outstanding performance, you'll have the peace of mind knowing you've chosen the only implant that delivers exceptional hearing performance, outstanding reliability, and unmatched MRI safety.

1. Unparalleled MRI Safety

You never know what life can bring. That's why the SYNCHRONY implant features an exceptionally secure implant magnet with the highest MRI safety of any cochlear implant.

Unlike any other cochlear implant, with SYNCHRONY there's no need to surgically remove the magnet for a high-resolution 3.0 Tesla MRI scan. The SYNCHRONY implant magnet can freely rotate and self-align inside of its housing, so it's not affected by the magnetic field of the MRI scan.

This also means there's no "tugging" on the implant, for more comfort and security during an MRI.

2. Smallest Titanium Implant

The SYNCHRONY implant is the smallest, thinnest, and lightest cochlear implant available, making it the ideal choice—even for the youngest candidates.

Built with durable titanium, MED-EL implants have a proven record of outstanding reliability. With SYNCHRONY, you'll have peace of mind knowing you've chosen the cochlear implant you can always rely on.

3. Proven Stability

Through all of life's bumps and bruises, the SYNCHRONY implant stays where it should be. The SYNCHRONY implant features optional small (1.4 mm) titanium pins designed to secure the implant in place.

These pins provide excellent implant stability, ensuring long-term safety and reliability.

4. Flexible Electrodes

MED-EL offers the widest selection of soft, flexible electrodes to ensure the optimal solution can be chosen for every candidate.

5. The Right Choice for Any Cochlea

The electrode of a cochlear implant is the portion that is gently inserted into the cochlea. Our electrodes have the softest and most flexible electrode arrays to preserve delicate cochlear structures and protect your residual hearing.

There's a nearly endless variety of cochlear anatomies, so it's important that the electrode is individually tailored to your unique needs. We offer the widest selection of electrodes to ensure that the optimal solution can be chosen for any cochlea.


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