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Is there anything nicer than traveling? You encounter new cultures, meet new people and even the obligatory business trip can be a fun outing if you are properly prepared. With comfortable clothes and a good book to hand, the flight to New York or Beijing is much more relaxed. And that train journey from London to Birmingham is a piece of cake. For the holidaymaker, the flight or train journey to the holiday destination is of course already part of the fun – getting to Heathrow airport early in the morning, with your backpack or suitcase, for your trip to South America or Australia.

No matter how enjoyable or exciting, the experienced traveller also knows that pressure on the ear during take-off and landing can be quite painful. And let us also not forget that the monotonous drone of the aircraft engine takes considerable toll on the hearing. And when you are underway to Thailand or Houston, there are of course those two children behind you who do not stop acting out and crying. This does detract somewhat from that general holiday feeling.

And during the holiday itself, excessively loud noise can put a damper on things. Doors slammed shut in hotels; televisions with the volume on very high or arguing couples at the campsite are high on the list of holiday irritations. You will find more information on our ‘Protect Your Ears’-Wiki page. And if you want the assurance of a carefree holiday and a comfortable flight, order our special earplugs here.

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